Alberta Local Food Week Contest

August 9 – 16, 2020

Alberta Local Food Week Contest

21 Jul 2020

Alberta Local Food Week continues this year with the third annual celebration.  While the pandemic has changed how we are able to celebrate this year, it is more important than ever to highlight the importance of our local food system.  We are excited to announce a province wide contest to promote Local Food Week.  Customers are asked to:

  1. Shop at an Alberta Farmers’ Market
  2. Purchase products from Alberta producers
  3. Take pictures of what you create with your purchased fare.
  4. Share it on Instagram with these three (3) things:

·         #ABlocalfood

·         Follow and Tag @instaafma or @albertafarmersmarket on Facebook, as well as the participating farmers' market

·         Description of what you are enjoying tagging all the vendors 

Winning customers will receive cash prizes.  Vendors highlighted will be promoted in social media and our website and the winning market will receive one entry to our next conference!  Please help us promote this great contest by sharing the following poster with your vendors and customers on social media!

Use Facebook and Instagram to promote the week with the hashtag #ablocalfood. 

Local Food Week Full Contest Rules

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Local Food Week is a celebration of Alberta local food and local food producers.

Local Food Week is a celebration of Alberta local food and local food producers.

During this week, we want Albertans to discover new Alberta food products and meet the many passionate and talented farmers, growers and food makers that call our province home.

Local Food Week runs Sunday, August 9th to Sunday, August 16th inclusive.

During the week, there are a number of key events and activities planned, in every part of our province, to help you celebrate Alberta local food and food producers:

  • On August 15 and 16th, many of Alberta’s working farms will be hosting an “open house” through Open Farm Days, inviting you to see first hand how these farms operate.

  • The Alberta Farmers' Market Association is having a contest to celebrate Local Food Week.  Click here for all the details.   Check this list to see what individual markets are doing and when.

  • Alberta on the Plate is a new culinary festival celebrating local food and drink at many restaurants around Alberta. Learn more and find out what restaurants are participating.

This is just a taste of what’s happening!

Remember: As you dive into Alberta local food, share your favourite bites and food makers with your friends and followers on social media – use the hashtag #ablocalfood.


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